Founders Story

As a kid, there was nothing more magical than going to the local dinner theater with my parents to see the latest Whodunnit and nothing more exciting than studying my favorite mystery novel: The Westing Game, line by line. In these novels and shows, I was immersed in a world where I wasn't Bethany Lester. I was a detective, a suspect, a foe. But when the book ended or the lights came on, I was always left wanting more…

At ten years old, I had a vision to bring the “Westing Game” and local Whodunnit to life. Everyone in my 5th-grade class would be a suspect, with their own assigned character, unique quirks, and hidden motivations. People would dress up, there would be clues and plot twists, and at the end, a very dramatic reveal. It would be all things immersive, exciting, suspicious, and silly. With the help of my then fourteen-year-old sister, that vision was brought to life for the first time.

Twenty years later, I reconnected with that creative, mischievous, and weird ten-year-old imagination to write and facilitate murder mystery games for my friends. After reimagining the games for the world, Mischief Games was born. 

Every game you find on our website is written by me with the sole purpose to reignite those magical feelings I felt when I was 10 years old. At Mischief Games, we want everyone to unplug and have some childish fun. We hope you like our games as much as we do. 

Now, let's start some Mischief! 

Bethany, Founder & Chief Mischief Officer