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Returns & Exchanges Policy

Here at Mischief Games, we want all customers to enjoy our games as much as we do. While we are unable to offer returns or exchanges on our digital products, we can offer a full refund within 7 days of the original purchase date. If 7 days have passed and you are still not satisfied, please reach out to us at and we will work with you to make it right. We do not offer returns or exchanges for e-gift cards.

Shipping Policy

Since all of our games are currently in easy print-and-play form, no items will be shipped to you. Instead, your game will be emailed to you in PDF form immediately following your purchase.

About Our Interactive Murder Mystery Games

Do your games require a "Host"?

Yes, our murder mystery games require a host to set up the game and keep the story moving along. Thanks to our easy-to-follow Host Guide & Checklist, participation as a Host doesn’t require any previous hosting experience or really much effort at all. The Host can play the game without knowing whodunit ahead of time, participates in the game like everyone else, and can even be the victim or killer.

Are your games scripted?

Our games are about 80% Free Form and 20% Scripted. Rounds One and Two will be a mix-and-mingle format where players will use the information provided in their Character Booklets to mix and mingle with others and sleuth. Players can expect mostly free form during these first two rounds. During Round Three, characters will have specific questions and answers they will need to read from their Character Booklets, but we still encourage players to be as creative as they’d like with their characters.

Does a murder occur during the game?

Yes! That's what makes our murder mystery games so much fun. With Mischief Games, you aren't sitting around a table reading a script about a murder that already happened. A murder will take place during round two, and you and your guests will have that same thrilling feeling you had when you were 10 playing Mafia for the first time and the Narrator revealed who was killed the previous night.

What happens to the "Victim" after they die?

We like to make sure that everyone still gets to participate in the game even after they may or may not be murdered. Our game is structured so that the victim comes back to life as Detective Dubois during round three. Detective Dubois will introduce the final piece of evidence and read the Final Reveal after all accusations have been made (dramatically, of course).

Can you replay your murder mystery games?

Our murder mystery games are focused on a well-thought-out story that only has one answer. Other companies have randomized, replayable games but we’ve found the clues and final solutions to be unsatisfying. Our games are meant to have strong storylines, compelling characters, and satisfying clues. It’s an immersive game that will keep you guessing until the very end. Because of this, our games work best when they are played once.

Will you ever have physical murder mystery party kits?

We may have something up or sleeves coming soon...

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About the Host Role

What is a murder mystery party "Host" and what do they do?

Think of the host as the one who gets things done. If you were playing Monopoly with your friends, the host would be the one who reads all the rules, sets up the board game, distributes the money, and keeps track of how much time has been spent playing Monopoly. Similar to other games, ours requires a bit of instruction for newcomers. This host will be the person to read the “rule book,” AKA Host Guide & Game Instructions to understand how the game works and ensure that all character information is distributed to guests before the game starts. During the game, the Host will read the Host Script at the start of each round, distribute all Character Clue Booklets, and facilitate the Accusation Round during the final round of gameplay. 

Does the Host need to know who the murderer or victim is?

The Host does not need to know who the murderer or victim is to set up the game. We write and design all stories so that the host can play along with their guests and be equally surprised with the outcome. If the Host wants to know whodunit ahead of time, our games can also accommodate that!

Hosting sounds like a lot of effort. Is it difficult or time consuming?

At Mischief Games, we strive to make hosting easy and fun so that participation as a Host doesn’t require any previous experience or much effort at all.

  • No more cutting and stuffing envelopes.
  • No more sifting through endless pages of materials.
  • No more knowing the victim or killer ahead of time.

With our games, you can be the Host, assign yourself your favorite character, play the game without knowing whodunnit, and can even be the victim or killer.

And the best part? Printing and prepping the game materials takes less than 30 minutes.

Our Host Guide contains all the info you will need to set up the game, engage your guests, and ensure gameplay runs smoothly. For those who love a good party, we’ve also included Party Hosting Tips to help you plan.

Do you offer in person hosting services for your murder mystery games?

Yes! We offer select in-person hosting services in the New York Tri-State area. If you are interested in learning more, please fill out this contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

Planning Your Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery Party Planning Tips

Interactive murder mystery games are the most fun when the Host sets the tone with a few decorations, an intentionally curated playlist, and festive snacks and cocktails/mocktails. We have Pinterest boards with decorating tips, costume inspiration, recipes, and Spotify playlists for each game. Our Host Guide has all the inspo you need to plan a killer party!