Murder mystery game writer for Mischief Games

Our Mission

At Mischief Games, our mission is to bring people together through well-written, interactive murder mystery games.

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No one creates murder mystery games quite like us.

Our games are designed in an engaging mix-and-mingle format.

Our storylines are clever, silly, and fun.

Our characters are second to none.

Our clues will keep you guessing until the end.

Every story is unique.

Each story is intentionally crafted to provide a unique experience for our customers. You won't find plug-and-play murder mystery games here.

We design games that bring people together.

Our games give people permission to step outside their comfort zone, to dress up in costume, to be the goofiest version of themselves – and for two to three hours – to let loose, be silly, and have some fun.


We get so stupid excited, like butterflies in the belly excited, whenever a good mystery idea strikes. We are the people who love to dress up, love a good themed party, and whose idea of a perfect night is gathering four to fifteen of our closest friends to play an interactive, pseudo-role-playing murder mystery game.