How Our Murder Mystery Games Work

Clever Writing

Our games feature top-notch themes, creative storylines, and compelling characters. Because of the emphasis on the writing, there is only one solution for each game. That way you can experience unique character development, well-designed clues that keep you guessing, and a satisfying conclusion in the end.

Minimal Host Effort

A Host is required to set up the game and keep the story moving along. Thanks to our Host Checklist and game structure, participation as a Host doesn’t require any previous experience or much effort at all. The Host can set up the game without knowing whodunit ahead of time, plays the game with everyone else, and can even be the victim or the killer.

Stellar Characters

The Host assigns every player a character that has a unique background, motivations, interests, and costume inspo. Think of these characters as each player's alter ego for the game. Players will step into their character's shoes as they interact with others.

Easy Print and Play

All Mischief Games are currently offered in an easy print-and-play format. We've intentionally designed our Character Booklets so that Hosts can quickly prep the materials without spoiling the ending of the game.

In your purchase confirmation email, you will receive a link to download the game. Within each game, you can expect the following: Welcome Letter, Host Guide & Checklist, Game Instructions, Character List & Costume Inspo, Invitations, Game Clues, Character Booklets for 3 rounds of gameplay, and the Final Reveal.

Exciting Game Structure

Our games are structured into three rounds of gameplay. Rounds 1 & 2 are a mix-and-mingle format and Round 3 consists of Accusations and a Dramatic Reveal. A murder takes place during the game. But don’t worry, we bring the Victim back to life as Detective Dubois for the final round of gameplay.

Engaging Mix and Mingle Format

At the start of each round, every player will receive a Character Booklet that contains unique clues, secrets, and objectives. Players will use the information provided in their Booklets to interact with others, fulfill their objectives, and try to uncover who had the means, motive, and opportunity to carry out a crime.

We like to think of the game as 80% free-form and 20% scripted.

Our Mission

At Mischief Games, our mission is to bring people together through well-written, interactive murder mystery games. No one creates murder mystery games quite like us.

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