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Bachelorette Murder

Bachelorette Murder

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**Note: you will receive a link to download the game in your purchase confirmation email. Just print and play!

Step into the world of Bachelorette Murder, where the thrill of a luxurious bachelorette party takes a deadly turn. In this fun murder mystery party game, you'll join Juliette and her crew on a weekend getaway in the heart of Napa Valley. But beware, not all is as it seems. As tensions rise and secrets spill, it becomes clear that someone is out for blood. With each passing hour, the group grows more suspicious of one another, and it’s up to you to unravel the web of deceit before it’s too late. 

So, gather your friends, grab a glass of wine, and get ready to play detective in this ultimate murder mystery game.

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Bachelorette Murder

Game Details

  • Easy print-and-play upon purchase (PDF file)
  • Can be played with 6-16 players
  • All characters can be played by any gender
  • Age recommendation: 17+
  • Gameplay length: 1.5 - 3 hours

In-person hosting services are now available in the New York Tri-State area. Fill out this contact form if you are interested in learning more.

How It Works

Introducing Bachelorette Murder - the thrilling and interactive murder mystery game that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat! Whether you're planning a bachelorette party or a girls' night in, Bachelorette Murder is the perfect addition to any fun-filled evening.

Unlike traditional board games, Bachelorette Murder forgoes the playing board to create an immersive and improvisational experience. Every player is provided with a detailed character description and five guiding objectives per round to uncover the killer. From there, the game becomes an unpredictable ride as you navigate your way through twists and turns to identify the culprit.

In Bachelorette Murder, you are encouraged to let loose and allow your imagination to run wild as you interact with others. With a hilarious night of crime-solving guaranteed, you're sure to have a killer time.

This murder mystery game can be played with 6-10 players. Our in-house team has expertly crafted each character to ensure a unique and unforgettable experience for every player.

Recommended for ages 17 and up, we provide instant access to the game upon purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to put your detective skills to the test with Bachelorette Murder!

Game Contents

  • Easy-to-read Game Instructions
  • Host Checklist
  • Character List (with costume inspo)
  • 3 Rounds of Character Booklets
  • Detective Report
  • Digital Invitations & Character Profiles

Print and Play Details

At Mischief Games, we strive to make hosting easy and fun so that participation as a Host doesn’t require any previous experience or much effort at all.  We've intentionally designed our Character Booklets so that Hosts can quickly prep the materials without spoiling the ending of the game.

  • No more cutting and stuffing envelopes.
  • No more sifting through endless pages of materials. 
  • No more knowing the victim or killer ahead of time.

With our games, you can be the Host, assign yourself your favorite character, play the game without knowing whodunnit, and can even be the victim or killer.  

You will receive a link to download the game in your purchase confirmation email.

"I have played other murder mystery games before but the level of detail, creativity and thoughtfulness behind each character and the overall storyline has forever set mischief games apart in my mind."

- Alexis W -

Fun murder mystery party game

How Our Games Work

We intentionally craft each story to provide a unique experience for our customers.

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